5 Reasons to Work as a bartender

If you’re young and love to have fun, many careers allow you to earn a living while you also enjoy life to the fullest. Among those careers is one as a bartender. Working as a bartender helps you live a fulfilling, enjoyable and exciting life, all while making great money. Read below to learn five of the top reasons to work as a bartender and get your tabc license to get things started.

1.    Meet New People: There is no shortage of people on your friend’s list when you work as a bartender. If meeting new people is ‘your thing’ then you can thrive in the bar setting.

tabc license

2.    Loud & Fun: A loud, crowded environment is not right for everyone, but many people can appreciate this setting. If you’re one of those people, there is no better place to be than at the bar.

3.    Good Money: The money earned working as a bartender is worth talking about. The money varies from one night and one person to the next, but most bartenders make above average tips doing what they love.

4.    Flexible Hours: If the 9 to 5 gig just isn’t for you, head out to the bar and live the late night hours as you work. The hours are flexible, too, with part-time and full-time positions available to meet your needs. It’s a great first or second job.

5.    Meet Ladies: Not only can bartenders make new friends every night they work, but guys can also meet the hottest ladies in town for drinks, fun, friendship, dating, and may be more!

The list of reasons to work as a bartender here are among the many that can help lead you to a great career. Are you ready to live your life as a bartender and enjoy the perks that come with that choice?