Homes Where Hearts Really Are

By now, you are all familiar with the good old expression that home is where the heart is. But try telling that to someone who is enslaved to drugs and/or alcohol. He or she could have other material addictions not easy to get rid of. The same downhearted sentiment still applies. That poor person wishes he or she could be somewhere else other than home. But where? Under the stress of addiction, that person feels so alone and always down in the dumps when at home. There is always this yearning to escape.

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Even and perhaps especially for regular cigarette smokers, it is never easy. The sad irony for them is that while many restrictions have been imposed on their smoking habits, it is still legal for them to smoke. So as long as people have money to spend on cigarettes and alcohol, the dangers remain. The dangers are hazardous to the person’s physical health. There are also risks placed on that person’s emotional wellbeing as well. No matter how hard he or she tries to give it up, it is never easy.

Help is needed. A sober living homes rockville md environment helps set the tone for that much desired but very gradual recovery. Surrounded by people who care, the addicted person is given that sense of peace and acceptance that helps them to realize that overcoming a years long addiction to drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes is certainly not going to be an overnight process. But there is something encouraging about the recovery process. In a clean-living environment, free of all temptations and overwhelmed with love, it should not be too long before that person is able to sober up.

But even when clean and sober the journey will continue.