In case of emergency, do you still need appointment?

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The conundrum is this. In case of a medical emergency, do you really still need to schedule an appointment with the medical practitioner concerned? After all, this is an emergency and no waiting time is going to help matters. While it is standard and good practice to always schedule an appointment with your dental practitioner in good time, it is fortunate that an emergency dental services los angeles wing or outlet exists for those patients crying out in pain for help.

The avenue exists to provide patients with emergency treatment and care over weekends or even public holidays. And there is also always the possibility that surgery hours are extended to accommodate commuters dealing with the proverbial peak traffic hours. Speaking of which, this is one of those areas where emergency treatment is most likely to be needed. Traveling by road or even rail during peak traffic hours increases the potential for a traffic accident.

And when that happens, the accident and subsequent injuries could be quite severe. Case closed, you could just say. Nevertheless, many dental emergencies occur not as a result of accidents but perhaps due to lack of proper care. Apart from practicing preventive self-medication at home, people have often been reminded to keep to their scheduled appointments. Regular dental checkups, let’s face it, is a part of life.

Who knows how many excuses have been made to ‘cancel the appointment’. Appointments are there for good reason and for your convenience. It is usually a good idea to schedule the next appointment that needs to be made at least two days before the desired time. Apart from the fact that this is a busy surgery, this advance arrangement also gives the dentist enough time to prepare for his exam.