Say Cheese! Getting a New Smile

cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn

There’s nothing better than the feeling of happiness, and what better way to express that happiness than a big white smile? The simple fact is, not everyone is blessed enough to have the best teeth, but luckily, there are plenty of options in the twenty-first century for folks everywhere to have the smile they deserve. This is especially true in the big city of Brooklyn, NY, and there are several options available to residents for cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn.

Something to Grin About: Teeth Whitening

It’s a simple fact–over time, teeth can become stained, yellowed, and just plain not as white anymore after a certain amount of time, no matter how much time and care you invest into brushing and taking care of them, and it can make a lot of people self-conscious. Teeth whitening is now an option for anyone who may be suffering with this issue. Luckily, dentists today can help out! Through a chemical process, your dentist can bleach your teeth back to their former white glory, usually with an in-office procedure, or through a system you can take home and do by yourself.

Filling the Cracks: Bonding

Another sad reality in the dentistry world is sometimes our teeth get chipped or cracked, or perhaps have spaces in between them. Your dentist can address this issue (often in a single visit to the office) by applying “etching solutions” and materials colored like natural teeth to the surface of the problem tooth. Many dentists use this same approach and bonding materials to fill cavities or protect exposed tooth roots.

Get Your Smile Back Today!

If you’re feeling self-conscious about one of these issues or another issue with your teeth that you think cosmetic dentistry could resolve, it is recommended that you visit your dentist to discuss options as soon as possible. Not only will your teeth thank you for it, but you will be able to smile with pride once again, proudly getting in front of a camera, and saying cheese!